slow «sloh», adjective, adverb, verb.
1. taking a long time; taking longer than usual; not fast or quick: »

a slow journey, a slow messenger.

2. behind time; running at less than proper speed: »

The fat man is a slow runner. Seldom readers are slow readers (Charles Lamb).

3. showing a time earlier than the correct time: »

The clock was slow and I was late for school.

4. causing a low or lower rate of speed; retarding: »

slow ground, a slow track.

5. burning or heating slowly or gently: »

a slow flame.

6. a) inactive; sluggish; slack: »

Business is slow.

SYNONYM(S): phlegmatic. b) not quick to understand; dull: »

a slow learner.

7. not interesting; not lively; boring; dull: »

a slow party.

SYNONYM(S): wearisome, tiresome.
8. not fast or hurried; leisurely: »

music in a slow tempo; ... to proceed by slow marches and frequent halts (Scott).

9. a) not readily stirred or moved; not hasty: »

slow to anger, slow to take offense.

b) not ready or willing: »

slow to answer, slow in or of speech.

10. behind the times; not smart or up-to-date: »

a slow town.

11. (of time) passing slowly or heavily: »

As slow years pass... (Shelley).

in a slow manner or way; slowly: »

Drive slow past a school. In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly! (Arthur Hugh Clough).

to make slow or slower; reduce the speed of: »

to slow down a car.

to become slow; go slower: »

Slow up when you drive through a town. Slow down, you're walking too fast for me.

[Old English slāw]
slow´ly, adverb.
slow´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective. 1 Slow, leisurely, deliberate mean taking a long time to do something or to happen. Slow, the general term, suggests taking longer than usual or necessary: »

We took the slow train.

Leisurely suggests slowness because of having plenty of time: »

I like leisurely meals.

Deliberate, describing people or their acts, suggests slowness due to care, thought, or self-control: »

His speech is deliberate.

Usage Slow, slowly. In standard English slowly is now the usual form of the adverb except in set phrases (»

go slow, drive slow

) and in the comparative or superlative (where slower or slowest are often used instead of more or most slowly).

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